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Financial Aid


Learn about the financial aid programs at MSM. Here you will find information about the application process, the various financial aid programs available and the policies and procedures used by the MSM Student Fiscal Affairs Office.

Eligibility Requirements

The Student Fiscal Affairs Office facilitates the process of providing institutional and federal funds to students who meet standard eligibility requirements. To qualify and maintain your eligibility for most financial aid programs, you must meet institutional and federal regulations.

Student Budgets

In order to assist each student and their families with budgeting for the school year, MSM provides standard expense estimates for M.D., Ph.D. and M.P.H. students.

Learn about the wide range of resources and tools to help financial aid administrators help their students.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Know how MSM determines whether you are making satisfactory academic progress (for financial aid purposes) and what happens if you are not. Know the satisfactory academic progress policy for continued financial aid eligibility.

Verification Procedures

The Institution must verify applications selected by the Department of Education for students who will receive Federal student financial assistance.

Application Process

Institutional funds are available to M.D. students based on financial need. All M.D. students are required to submit parental information to be considered for institutional (need based) financial aid.

Application Deadlines

Students must adhere to deadlines established and submit required documentation as outlined according to your class and program.

Current Students

Online Students

Tuition & Fees Policy

Payment of tuition and fees at MSM is the responsibility of the student. MSM is not able to enroll a student who is unable to pay tuition and fees.

Emergency Loan Application

Award Notification

Newly enrolled students, eligible for financial aid, will receive an award letter by email. Current students will receive an email notification after awards are posted in Banner.

Scholarships & Grants

Find a listing of scholarships and grants available for students.

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